On Twenty-Eight

I don’t have any wise words to share on this day, my 28th anniversary of my birth.  I’m still learning.  That’s what life is: a constant stream of lessons and learning until the day we die.

My “golden” year was far from magical (or shiny).  27 had its moments, but it also lacked in many ways.  But looking back at this past year, I have to say that I’ve been very privileged. It started off with a bang by being surrounded by Internet people.  Whether it was Disney or VidCon, I was surrounded by a community of friends who I communicate with via 1’s and 0’s. The Internet followed me home to Chicago where I was on my first ever panel for a summit.  The Internet then rewarded me a car, which eventually became 3 cars, and a feature in the Wall Street Journal.  Because of the Internet, I spent the most wonderful time hanging out with the best of friends in Australia and explored New Zealand for the first time.  The Internet never fails as it brought friends from so far away to visit me. And let’s not forget, another VidCon.

Even though I felt that a huge chunk of my 27th year being a disappointment (by that, I mean a failure of what I could have really done), the Internet has brought me wonderful moments & opportunities.  Now don’t get me wrong, my non-Internet life was fabulous.  However, I am the generation of the Internet.  The period of time when I took a step back brought me great sadness.

That is why on this, the beginning of my 28th year, I promise to be with the Internet more.  You have been wonderful to me, let me return the favor.  But most of all, let’s make this year great together.

Photo taken by @writetoreach

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