#STOP Bullying

I was asked to make an anti/stop bullying video. Instead of telling people that it will get better or stop bullying, I wanted to show the degradation of the human person.

It’s no secret that I was bullied in the past, both at school and at home. I mean, I’m a nerd & a geek.  I’ve embraced it now, but the scars are still there.  But the whole range of emotions that comes to being bullied and abused.

I mentally prepared myself for 2 weeks to do this video because there’s just so much pain associated with being bullied and abused. Needless to say, it’s up and I’m still very anxious about it. The video is meant to show what can happen to a person.  I really hope I captured it based on my own experiences.

I’m still bullied and abused to this day, but I am stronger. Bullies don’t get to me as they use to.

I’m okay now.  Yes, it does get better, but the scars will always be there. Truth is, I’m one of the lucky ones.


3 thoughts on “#STOP Bullying

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