Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

By the time this video is published, I would have already voted but polls have not yet closed on this 2012 presidential Election Day. To President Barrack Obama or presidential candidate Mitt Romney, I may or may not have voted for you.  But to whomever the winner is, congratulations to you: to you on your reelection President Obama or to you president-elect Romney. I wish you the absolute best the upcoming four years.

The United States is divided right now.  The country is become very polar between liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. We are no longer the United States of America but the Blue States of America or the Red States of America. I implore you mister President, unite the country once more.  And please, don’t it by using the word “bipartisanship” for it is nothing more than a limp political term to falsely impress voters.

I have become so disenfranchised with the American political system that I cannot stand how ignorant we have become.  Democrats and Republicans, you are neither right nor wrong; but as a political party, you’re so far from what the American people want where our country should be.  Put aside your differences and work together for the American people, not for your party. These next four years are full of challenges.  Please do what is right and necessary for the country and the American people as a whole.

Our deficit needs to be managed.  Before you raise or cut taxes and programs, crunch the numbers yourself. Do what is necessary and just. Remember, do it for America as a whole, not just for a demographic.

I grew up in an embarrassing public school system, but am fortunate enough to be educated on the college level. I was told by a stranger at my university that I’m considered an endangered species because most people who were educated in my public school system don’t make it to graduation, not to mention college.  EDUCATE America’s children. Teach them beyond high school and give them access to a college degree.  Stop embarrassing ourselves and fix it.

Whomever is in office these next four years, the economy will be in decent shape.  Do not take credit for it.  The economy goes up and down and you got lucky.  Your job is to keep it growing.

Socially we are approaching a crucial moment and America will be filled with hate, rage and anger.  You will have to deal with these escalating social issues.  Do what is right for humanity and not for “man.”

The world is looking at us.  Some are laughing, others are plotting.  Protect us. Make us proud but not assholes.

Mr. President, move America forward not by going to one extreme or another, but by bringing us back to the middle.  Let us walk together as one nation, not as one political party.

I am not the voice of the majority, nor I’m not a voice of a minority.  I am a voice of an American citizen. I wish you the best Mr. President on these next four challenging years.  Unite us and lead us together to greatness.


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