Top 10 Quotes of 2012

Here are my top 10 Quotes of 2012:

No. 10:

“I think it’s amusing that girls realize that you’re not that nerdy. I would think it would be the other way. And I’ve seen you dance.”

– Karen P.

No. 9:

“I spent the last hour in the closet. There were four of us in there. It was small and it was hot.”

– Sergio A.

No. 8:

“Having a neighbor is better than being hot.”

Jenn B.

No. 7:

“I can’t react to this without putting it on camera. Where’s my camera?”

Louna M.

No. 6:

“Some people like smacking [ass]. I just like putting things in my ear.”

Megan O.

No. 5:

“Nope dad, that’s my rubber penis from high school.”

Jenn K.

No. 4:

“Wait until I market chicken milk. Chicken have breasts. The chicken industry is missing out.”

Errin L.

No. 3:

“Keep on talking while I rub myself.”

– Mark U.

No. 2:

“One time in eighth grade, I watched a kid get his ass kicked.”

Jenn K.

No. 1:

“I know you from the Internet.”

Hank Green at VidCon

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