Top 10 Posts of 2012

Here are the top 10 best/favorite blog posts I wrote in 2012:

No. 10:

No Sham, Pham Rocks – posted on April 6th.

Queued up in Corral B, I couldn’t help but choke back tears.  5 years ago, I was over a block back in the open corral with the rest of the masses. 

Today, I was mere yards from the starting line.  The only the elites and Corral A separated me from the start.

No. 9:

24 Hours, 2 Races, 23 Miles & 2 Honking Medals – posted on May 25th.

Note to self: never run 2 long races in 24 hours.

No. 8:

Coffee Soothes the Soul – posted on September 14th.

There’s something soothing about a cup of coffee.

No. 7:

What Would YOU Do for $1? – posted October 9th.

I was bored one night, like most nights, and this random thought popped into my head, “What would people do for one dollar?”

No. 6:

Journey Along the Great Ocean Road – posted on December 7th.

A cockatoo bit my hand.

No. 5:

The Old Rag of Virginny – posted on August 7th.

Where I summarize my visit to Virginia & show some “giraffe sex.”

No. 4:

Pooping, the Runners’ Dilemma – posted on April 17th.

Do you have a poop dance?

No. 3:

Summer Soccer Society – posted on September 5th.

Most of my running this past summer has not been on the trails but actually on the soccer field.  I started to play to help work on my intervals only to find out that team sports is really a lot of fun.  YAY SPORTS TEAM!

No. 2:

#STOP Bullying – posted on October 23rd.

It’s no secret that I was bullied in the past, both at school and at home. I mean, I’m a nerd & a geek.  I’ve embraced it now, but the scars are still there.

No. 1:

November 26, 2012: John Pham – posted on November 26th.

We are proud beings of habit. Life for us has become mundane and routine. We have programmed ourselves to believe that being lost is being weak in life. But the truth is the more lost we are, the stronger of a person we become.


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