To All the Little & Big Things

2012 had big shoes to fill after the epic adventure of 2011.  So when I themed the year to “live it up,” I knew that I had to count all the little things besides just the big adventures.

I prepared myself for a bad year, only to be surprised of how much more wonderful it was when you make the little things count. I was caught off guard of how the little things added up. Honestly, this year was by far spectacular.  For all the hardships and sadness that this year brought, I was blessed with many little (and big) things to make it quite memorable.

I could list a lot of things, big and small, that made this year wonderful.  But in truth, it all came down to my friends, new and old, that made this year special. All the little hangouts and gatherings that decreased the world suck in my life.

I am truly lucky.  Thank you my dear friends for making the little things into a big memorable year.


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