The Quad That United Us

Down the hall from me during my junior year of college, was a dorm room known to everyone as the quad.  For many years, it was occupied by the leftovers.  To be more precise, those who failed to find a roommate, late applicants and those who didn’t care where they lived.  Four people in a pre-suite style suite.  Nothing became much of that Room 436 until the four moved in and made it the Quad.

There was the civil engineer who was both beyond smart and was cool long before hipsters were a thing.  The programmer that took the world by storm with the game called Farmville.  The NASA scientist whose mind was as brilliant as the country of Ireland.  And then, there was the sacristan; the socialite of the group.  He was well admired, respected and hilariously loud.  Those four transformed that suite into what the whole dorm new as “the Quad.”

They made dorm parties look cool and house parties pathetic.  Everyone wanted to check out & be part of the Quad.  From the  living room lounge couches with the projector, to the space station living quarters, the brain station of desks and the glowing bar.  The Quad was the epitome of what people dreamed dorm rooms to be; and the best part, it was real.  It could be argued that the room brought everyone together; whether it was the parties, the gaming or the blaring techno music.  But the underlying truth was that the four brought us all together. People of all different backgrounds, majors, personalities and lifestyles uniting under one room.  The Quad united us.

It was again this weekend that the Quad united us once more.  It’s been many years (or exactly a year for others), that I have seen so many friends and acquaintances of old in one room again.  We all gathered to celebrate, as we often have those years ago, in honor of the four.  This particular time, the honoree was the sacristan. Except, he is no longer a sacristan.  On this day, he was a newly ordained priest.

So the NASA engineer flew in.  The programmer flew in.  And the civil engineer drove in.  They assembled, arm in arm with their fourth brother, the now priest.  The Quad reunited.  And with them, we were all united again.  We all drove and flew in from many miles away. We gathered to celebrate with them, for them and in honor of them.

Yes, we came to congratulate and celebrate with the priest.  But there is no doubt that it was the Quad that united us all those years ago, and again on this Sunday afternoon.  To the Quad, Room 436 will never ever be the same again.  Thank you for uniting us.

Room 436


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