Top Quotes of 2013

Here are my top 10 Quotes of 2013:

No. 10:

“Are you going to the bathroom right now? If you see a lot of beer in the mirror, it was not me”

– Mike L.

No. 9:

“David Bowie crotch shot is out of context. Give him another chance.”

– Zack W.

No. 8:

“I don’t think I can do a conference call without wearing underwear.”

– Stephanie S.

No. 7:

“The key is if the bra is off. If my bra is off, I’m not going out.”

– Sara W.

No. 6:

“I have an interest in the logistics of testicles because I never had any.”

– Meghan K.

No. 5:

“You should feel special. I’ve given you most of my virginities than I given anyone else. No wait, that’s a lie. That would probably my mom.”

– Chellie C.

No. 4:

“I need to breathe. I don’t talk people much, so I forget to breathe. I usually just sit at home.”

– Megan O.

No. 3:

::While adjusting my DSLR camera lens::
“Oh, this is so much longer!”

– Joanna F.

No. 2:

“To good blogs.”

– Liz K.

No. 1:

“You’re my ghetto friend and my minority friend.”

– Mark U.

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