Hipster Kitty

Since it’s been so cold this winter; you know, the Polar Vortex + sequel(s).  My cat has been quite cold & miserable.  He’s been spending most of his time under the comforter of my bed or laying aside the radiator.  I felt bad that he had to lay on the hard floor to keep warm, so I got him a cat bed.

No Cat Bed

Let’s just say that he’s not too happy that I was blocking him from warms.

Needless to say, the moment I was ready to return it, he decided to “test” it out.

Testing Out the Cat bed

That bloody stinker.

Anyways, it’s still pretty chilly in my apartment for him, so I decided to get him something to wear.  If history serves itself correct, he hates wearing things.  But honestly, I think it’s too cold for him not to have anything on.  Besides, I don’t want a fat cat to emerge from hibernation come spring time.  At least with a layer on him, he could still walk around the apartment & be active for a bit.

Thanks to Tumblr, Amazon & hustling from Jenn, I found the perfect thing for Quigley.  Plus, it even accentuates his eyes!

Cat Hoodie

My very own hipster kitty.

Yes, Quigley is very angry at me, but at least he’s warm in his cat hoodie. =D



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