Rooftop Challenges: The Vegemite Challenge w/ Tom Vilson

I met Tom & his girlfriend Andrea in Berlin when I was backpacking Europe last December.  We bonded over the hilarity of the laundry room nightmare.  After a half liter of beer later, I became their travel agent for their American tour.  Sure enough, I made sure they visited Chicago & explore the wonders of the Windy City.  I do feel slightly bad that this is the coldest city they’ve visited.  Let’s just say, their first experience of Chicago was -16C temperature.

But we had fun & no visit by Aussies is ever complete without having some  vegemite.  But this time, I’m turning the tables.  Instead of Americans eating the spoonful, we’re going to see how well Aussies can do it.  Please enjoy this week’s rooftop challenge.

P.S. ALL of the TWSS jokes were unintentional. It wasn’t until editing did it became apparent.


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