Internet Graveyard

Like all things, sometimes I just don’t know where to begin.

In this particular case, I don’t know why I stopped writing.  I still write in my head, but we all know how well that goes. *coughs*Karen*coughs*

Priorities shift, things come up and then there are the excuses.  And yet, I don’t know where this falls into.  A little bit of all and a little of something that isn’t there.

And such is life about all these things.

I feel like it’s a graveyard of words of days past. But hasn’t it always been?  Isn’t that what the Internet is for? A graveyard of fleeting moments of time? Information be damned when one doesn’t reference it beyond a year.

I’m sure people will disagree and other bloggers won’t say that their blog is a graveyard, but I’m okay with mine being one since the beginning.  It’s a graveyard of memories, adventures, stories, anecdotes and all the mundane of this life of Pham.  It’ll be here for me to walk through here and there; and perhaps for those of future generations.


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