Still Clueless But Doing Something

Remember when I tease you about this 3 months ago?

Well, it’s not good teasing when you forget to continue the tease.  😉

I have embarked upon a project that, when compared to crazy things I’ve done, is on the scale of epic proportions.  I’ve been working on it since January and stressing more about it each day. It’s taken all my free time (thank God marathon training hasn’t started again).  And most importantly, I’ve having the best of times.

Simply put it, I’m doing a video series as an ode to my twenties.

I started filming the project in April, but I haven’t told many people about what I am doing.  However, I’m happy to publicly announce that I will begin sharing it on the YouTubes exactly one month before my 30th, June 27th.

I’m beyond excited (and stressed), but I really do hope you’ll join me as I close out my twenties.  Seeing how it’s still more than a month before the first episode airs, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram for more teases of what will happen in this series.

And if you stuck around this far, I’ll give you one more teaser for you: I’m currently on a plane to a different continent. #getaway #project330


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