The Guilt has Returned

The one thing good thing about running marathons and marathon training is the copious amount of food that you’re allowed to eat.  Your body needs all the nourishment it can get and 3000+ calories days are often normal & at times still put you in the negative. Even days leading up to the race, a few extra hundred calories only help build up the reserve that you need.  Finally post race, you’re in almost 5000 negative that you’ll take a few days to recover the loss.

Alas, today I am no longer at that point.  With my season being over, I now have to watch what I eat.  What I’m basically saying is that I’m a fat ass and my guilt free eating days are done for the years. Sorry folks, Thanksgiving isn’t guilt free for me anymore (I use to end my season on that day, but that’s no longer the case).

Though I still have a few more rest days to restore the damage I did to my body in the last 3 weeks (seriously, 2 marathons in 3 weeks?!), off-season mentally has rolled in.  Except this time around I want to do something different.  Instead of being a couch slob, as I was last night, I want to prepare for the next season.

I know I can be a fast runner, but in order for that to happen, I need to work on it.  The two key elements for this to happen is 1. I need to work on my core and 2. I need to lose weight.  I haven’t pushed this weight in almost 3 weeks.  I’m heavy and I feel it.  I’m still surprised how well my legs and lungs are to handle the running.  But 10-15 less pounds would make things a lot easier.

The guilt has returned and now I need to figure out how to use that guilt to help me prepare for another season.  Because who am I kidding?  Food is awesome and I will eat it all. But until then, the guilt is settling in for winter.



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