Ugh, I Need to do My Chores

I was good at having guests over at my place at least once a month for the sole purpose of regularly cleaning my apartment. I mean, I wanted to see my friends too.  But the incentive to clean my apartment was higher.  Higher than basically any other possible time.

I feel like it’s a never-ending battle. A battle where I finish with one chore, it already starts to get messy again.  The worse is that no matter if I try to blitz, the blitzing never gets complete because I get exhausted.  If I decide to do one chore a night, e.g. bathroom on Mondays, sweeping & mopping on Tuesdays, etc., I still lose because by Friday, the floors are dirty again.

All this frustration comes down to this: I WANT A BLOODY ROOMBA!

I just don’t know if I can justify it.  Does owning one makes me too lazy to sweep my floors?  But I have a pet, so it’s a lose-lose on the floors.  A Roomba would help collect all the dust and fur.

But who am I kidding?  I secretly want this to happen:

Cat Riding Roomba


4 thoughts on “Ugh, I Need to do My Chores

  1. I totally invite friends over so I will be forced to clean the condo! I mean yeah, the actual hanging out is fun, but its primary purpose is to keep me from letting my place get too disastrous. 😛 (What is a blitz? Is that just cleaning everything all at once?)

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