Top 10 Quotes for 2015

Here are my top 10 Quotes of 2015:

No. 10:

“Give me my phone! I need to find dildos!”

– Matt G.

No. 9:

“I’ll go on Tinder and swipe you.”

– Patrick F.

No. 8:

“But if a girl says she knows how to castrate a bull, you walk away.”

Jenn B.

No. 7:

“Do you know how I know they’re Korean? It’s cause they have so much food! It’s like I’m going to my in-laws over there!”

– Matt C. @ Mancation 4: No Dying Allowed

No. 6:

“The way I go for woman is the way I play Crossy Road: I’m super aggressive and then I get hit by a car.”

– Matt G.

No. 5:

“The way to anyone’s heart is pizza.”

– Sara W.

No. 4:

“I’m either drunk or hungover. I’m not sure which.”

– Megan S.

No. 3:

“You can always count on Pham for suggestions of ways to make bad life choices”

– John M.

No. 2:

“Being in a committed relationship is so great until you realize you can’t actually lie about keeping your Lenten fast anymore.”

– Karen P.

No. 1:

“I swear he’s [Pham] more normal.”

– Megan S.

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