The Pants

I like long walks on the beach, but I prefer bike rides and long runs on the lake front. I love music, but not the rap crap…just good rock & indie rock. I enjoy traveling and seeing the wonders of the world (besides the wonders that’s growing in my fridge). I love taking pictures; lots and lots of pictures…of you…your family…and your dog.  Oh, and I take videos now too.  Lots and lots of videos…of you…your living room…and your legs.  (Well, that was awkward.) I can be funny, but I’m currently not the mood to be funny for you. I’m recently out of college from the University of Chief Illiniwek.  I taught for two years at the Great Q and at Chomp Chomp Crank Dat.  I’m still doing IT work and back at a place where I call home.  I am NOT a nerd, weirdo or just plan odd; but I’ll take “geek” as a compliment.  Spontaneity and randomness best describes me, then again that’s what how I prefer to live life. One must enjoy it in order to live, without risks (within reason), a few crazy ideas, and the occasional daily prank; otherwise, life would be very boring. Flavor & spice and everything that is nice would describe me, with a dash of Pham. =)


6 thoughts on “The Pants

  1. Dear Phampants,

    As a top Chicago blogger, we consider you to be somewhat of a “local celebrity” around here. You’re a media mogul, and we want you to be a VIP host for YouSwoop’s public-stunt-promotional-launch this Friday, December 18th. The plan is to hit the streets of Chicago; from Wrigleyville to the Magnificent Mile, we’re packing a stretch limo with models, MC’s and loads of Chicagoans, in search of 24 lucky people to get inside our money blowing machine loaded with gift certificates and thousands of dollars of cold, hard cash.

    What is YouSwoop: YouSwoop is Chicago’s daily deal maker. Each day, YouSwoop offers one incredible, can’t miss deal from a great Chicago business.

    What you get: We’re reaching out to you because we really appreciate your work, and think you’re the perfect person to help celebrate our new Chicago site. We’d love for you to be a part of this event and help spread the buzz and excitement. We have some complementary swag to give to your readers, or keep for yourself. We’ve got gift certificates, YouSwoop Snuggies (yep, that’s right), and a spot for you in our limo.

    Of course, we’d love for you to blog about it, but all we’re asking is that everyone involved tweet about the event. We’ll be uploading pictures with twitpics, and using the hashtag #CashGrab, and could use all the help we can get.

    So in short…this is going to be a fun, exciting, unique event in Chicago and we’d love to have you be a part of it. Please R.S.V.P. so we can accommodate you (and get you your snuggie). If you can’t make it out, we’d be honored if you still wanted to be a part of the celebration on Twitter.

    Amy Kaufman
    The YouSwoop Team

  2. Dear Phampants,

    I found your blog via the 2010 Pantsless Subway Ride video, which I unfortunately missed. After viewing your blog, I had to write to you as we have some striking similarities in common. My college friends and I are equally obsessed with pants, or lack thereof. We affectionately call each other “Hampants.” We named our Relay for Life team “Team Hot Pants.” We have a pair of giant underpants that we have been able to fit eight people into. We even have created video montages of all the spontaneous pantsless dance parties we’ve had over the years.

    In short, I think we should be friends.

  3. Dear Phampants
    I found your blog because I’m supposed to be analysing the rhetoric of one for an AP Comp project (unfortunantly sucks a little bit of fun out of reading the blog itself, as a side note.). And I now have just a slight obsession with it. You and your blog, are officially awesome. I love reading it because I love what you write about. I love travel, and your entries on travel, and running, and your entries on running. And Chicago. I may be moving there next year. So psyched for that.
    Anyway I just wanted to let you know that even though I started reading this blog as an assignment, I now officially deem you and your blog awesome and will continue read on occasion (when I can find the time. Life is way to hectic. At least I have my cat :] )

    • Hey Kaye,

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. I’m glad you enjoy my blog. My blog is pretty much an extension of myself where I share anecdotes of my life. I’ve been writing for over 4 years now and only recently found my voice 2 years ago. Either way, I love my blog and I wish I have more time for it.

      How far back have you read? Anything that sticks out to you so far?

      ` P

      • Hey Pham

        Sorry this is gonna get confusing because I just realized I used a nickname (Kaye) before, and now I’m using my real name…but whatever.

        And I have read back randomly fairly far. Analyzing rhetoric officially suck. But Im done with my project! Yay!

        I’m a runner too, not as extreme as you but I do love it, and i also love travel which is why this blog caught my eye (I found it during the chronicals of a half marathon)

        And I really appreciated the touching game. I think I’m gonna have to try that sometime. :]


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