Top 10 Quotes for 2016

Here are my top 10 Quotes of 2016:

No. 10:

“You might think I’m a diva, but God created me to bask in the fact.”

– Sam F.

No. 9:

“What are other things that people do with one finger?”

– Liz B.

No. 8:

“I have such a food boner right now.”

– Mike L.

No. 7:

“There’s a prison themed gay bar in Copenhagen called Jailhouse. Just saying.”

– Mike L.

No. 6:

“I was suppose to say it taste really good, but I said it felt really good.”

– Megan S.

No. 5:

“It only got slightly erotic in Europe.”

– Matt G.

No. 4:

“Who woke up one day & decided, ‘Let’s bleach butt holes.?'”

– Emma M.

No. 3:

“Goddammit Pham! I didn’t license you to tweet that!”

– Matt G.

No. 2:

“I’m drunk on pizza.”

– Sara W.

No. 1:

“Let’s be old together.”

– Megan S.

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Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas!

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Relaxed and at Peace

2 and a half years since I started to plot my departure, I was finally about to say goodbye today.  It was bittersweet.  I knew my time was up and I was ready for something new.  However, it’s hard to say goodbye to all those whom I’ve worked with for the last 7 immediate years and 14 years total.

And yet, when I drove to work today, I was at peace.  And when I left today, there was no regrets.  It was time.  I tip my hat off to my now former colleagues.  Thanks for the memories.

Empowerment Through Fear






It’s been awhile since I touched you.  I’ve often looked at you with a lingering stare.



I miss you.  I want you, but I’ve been afraid.




I’ve been afraid that I would get hurt again.


I’ve been afraid to get back on you.


It’s not like I didn’t want to be one again.


But as I get older, I’ve begun to examine my mortality and it’s been hard to be reckless once again.

Lift. Pump.

And yet, we weren’t completely reckless.

Lift. Pump.

Together, we were free.

*     *     *     *

And so, I lifted my bike on my shoulder and walked it down the back stairs.  Tires freshly pumped.  Lights on and brightly blinking.  Click, click of the gears as I walked to the alley. I raised my right leg over the blue frame.  With a breath, I lifted myself on my bike and pedaled.  The wind whispered softly in my ears I pedaled down the orange glowing alley.

Nothing could have prepared me for this moment.  After being hit by car while riding my bike (in a bike lane) last July, it’s been awhile since I could get myself to ride again.  And not just ride along a trail, but truly ride.  Ride and be free.

And this moment, as my legs powered through each pedal, I haven’t felt this free and empowered in ages.  The bike became an extension of my body and my blood flowed through the bike as if we were one. I finally felt free again.

I caressed the blue frame that I loving call my Tardis.

“It’s good to be back,” I said to her as we zipped through the dark streets of Chicago on our new adventure.