Chronicles of a Half Marathon – Chicago Distance Classic 2008


Top 10 Quotes of 2007

Here are my Top 10 Quotes of the 2007:


No. 10:

 “Illinois beats Ohio State!”

            – Pham, yelling in Chicago when Illinois defeated #1 Ohio St.


No. 9:

“This message is for freshmen and sophomore homeroom teachers.  Please check them to see if their zippers or straps are broken.”

            – Pham

“I wouldn’t want to check their zippers!  When would we do this?  During naptime?”

            – Kathy B., during a faculty meeting


No. 8:

“I love Coach Lentine!  I love Coach Lentine!  I love Coach Lentine! You **** at you guys recording.”

            – Mauro H.

“I’m free!

            – John B.

“No come back!  Ooo!  My sexy coachy.”

            – Mauro H., in Coach Lentine Tribute video


No. 7:

“Oh, I got talent!”

            – Dave G., demonstrating his teacher skillz


No. 6:

“Since you brought it up. Do girls fart?”

            – Pham

“Yes!  And they smell just as bad as boy farts!”

            – Erica M.


No. 5:

 “…I want solid poo again.”

            – John B., Spirit of St. Louis Half-Marathon


No. 4:

“Confession, I’m not wearing deodorant.”

            – Katharine J., Chicago Distance Classic


No. 3:

“If another kid calls me Hermione, I’m going to punch that kid in the face.”

            – Katie S., on Halloween dressed as a Slytherin


No. 2:

“And the last graduate of Archbishop Quigley, Daniel Zaparaniuk.”

            – MGM, AQPS 2007 Graduation


No. 1:

“I miss it.”

            – Fr. Walsh., in reference to Quigley Seminary

Lacing It Up

After an 8K, 2 half-marathons (plus training), a 10K, and many, many miles in hope of getting in shape, I’m about to hang up my laces. Sadly, I realized that I am in need of new running shoes. These were my first true running shoes. I’m going to miss them. Its final race will be a 5K this Sunday. We shall make its last lap one to remember.

Chronicles of a Half Marathon: Spirit of St. Louis ’07

Lessons I have learned from running a half-marathon…

– ALWAYS take a deuce before running
– Stag is delicious
– real running shoes are essential
– remember to gear check
– hills are a bitch
– you meet so many cool people (or cute girls)
– driving 5 hours back from a long race…bad idea
– carbs are delicious
– Besch has a sexy ass
– free balling is not a good idea on a cold day
– Team Koinonia is #1
– stick your running schedule and have more than 9 miles under your belt before race day
– 4 beers, 1 mike’s hard, and 4 hours of sleep before race day is a bad idea (shamrock shuffle)
– running w/ friends is a lot of fun
– training w/ the track team helps a lot
– it’s okay to lose a race to your students, you can always fail them as payback
– praying the Hail Mary during mile 10-11 helps big time
– doing this as Wheat for your students was the best idea you ever had